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Posted: 2013-01-29
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Vol 1 (2013): PROTO-TYPE13 Coastal and Ocean Engineering

Table of Contents

Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ENGI.8751)

Proposed Ike Dike Project in Galveston, Texas PDF
Maria Adey

Laying the First Transatlantic Cable PDF
Matthew Alexander

The Loss of the Sleipner A Platform PDF
Justine Barry

Connecting the Islands: Pools Island Bailey Bridge PDF
Samantha Batstone

White Rose Extension Project PDF
Bohua Bian

The Tidal Current Turbine Energy Project in the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve PDF
Erika Lee Brown

Long Harbour Wharf - Marine Development PDF
Bradley Burton

Long Beach Breakwater System PDF
Jillian Butt

Effects of Ice Loads on the Confederation Bridge PDF
Donald Campbell

Erosion along the Holderness Coast PDF
William Gilbert Carson

Structural Material Considerations for the First Graving Dock in St. John s, Newfoundland Harbour PDF Untitled PDF
Gary Caul

The Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge Replacement Project In Placentia, Newfoundland PDF
Christopher Clark

Crossing the Strait of Belle Isle PDF
Ryan Andrew Coady

The Long Pond Dredging Project for the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club PDF
Melissa M Collins

Ice Loads on the Confederation Bridge Piers PDF
Peter Steven Collins

Bell Island Lighthouse Relocation Project PDF
Amanda Curnew

Mumbai High North Platform Disaster PDF
Jenine Daley

The Ocean Ranger Disaster PDF
JoAnne Dodd

Breakwater Wharf Encasement Hants Harbour, Newfoundland PDF
Jamie Arthur Downey

Field Monitoring of Ice Forces, Temperature Effects and Deformations on the Confederation Bridge PDF
Matthew Doyle

Bull Arm Fabrication Site Dry Dock in Mosquito Cove, Newfoundland PDF
Adam B. Drover

Shoreline Infrastructure in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland PDF
Rob Ducey

Climate Change Placentia Flood Wall PDF
alana earle

Repairs to Timber Cribway and Construction of Breakwater PDF
Brett Evans

Arnolds Cove Wharf Rehabilitation PDF
Kallan Wallace Gerald Fitzgerald

Ice Scour Risk and Protection on the Grand Banks PDF
Mark Flynn

Construction Process and Post-Construction Impacts of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates PDF
Colin Gibling

Ice Loading on the Confederation Bridge PDF
Helena Greene

Exxon Valdez Incident PDF
John D Halley

The Galveston Seawall PDF
Mark Harvey

The Usumacinta Disaster PDF
Chris Hanlon

Reclaiming the Ocean - The Palm Islands PDF
Alex Hawco

Assessment Of The MODU Rowan Gorilla I Capsize And Sinking PDF
Darren Hickey

Engineering Challenges of Dubais Palm Jumeirah PDF
Kathy Higgins

Erosion Management on the Holderness Coast PDF
Dayna Hogan

The Arnolds Cove Breakwater Project PDF
Jamie Hookey

First Successful Subsea Pipeline In The Arctic: Northstar PDF
Sabrina Ishita

The 1929 Tsunami - A Look Inside PDF
Megan Jarvis

Puffin Island Lighouse: Then and Now PDF
Sarah F Kean

The Sinking of the Titanic PDF
Heather Kelly

Restoration of the Barataria Basin Barrier Islands PDF
Steven Thomas Kent

The Sir Ambrose Shea Lift Bridge PDF
Vince Kerrivan

Replacing The Gull Rock And Little Bay Islands Navigational Sites PDF
Stephen Wayne Lundrigan

Coastal Erosion in Daniels Harbour PDF
Michael Luther

Flood Resisting Infrastructure in the Town of Placentia PDF
Adam Mandville

The Capsize of the Drillship Seacrest PDF
David Mannion

Cyclic Ice Loading on the Molikpaq PDF
Sarah Mapplebeck

The Ocean Ranger Disaster PDF
Brent Marsh

SEA-ME-WE 4 Fibre Optic Submarine Cable Project PDF
Alexander Samuel McLeod

Offshore Wind Farms PDF
Chantel Nicolle

La Scie Harbour Improvements PDF
Robyn O'Donnell

Redesign of the Tutong River Training Walls PDF
rana patey

The Herald of Free Enterprise Tragedy PDF
Chris C Pope

The Ocean Ranger Disaster PDF
John Price

The Role of Business and Engineering Decisions in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill PDF
Mark Alexander Reynolds

The Study of Coastal Erosion on the Happisburgh Coast PDF
Ryan Patrick Roberts

Bear Cove Coastline Reestablishment PDF
Christopher Philip Ryan

Shoring Design For Pier 27 On The Shorelines Of Toronto, Ontario PDF
Aaron Shaffer

Tidal Energy in the Bay of Fundy PDF
Jessica Sinclair

Cement-Bentonite Cut Off Walls: A Comparison of the Hebron and Hibernia Bund Wall PDF
Erica Soucy

A Study of Pile Fatigue Failures in the Arabian Gulf PDF
Leanne Mary Stein

Arctic Drilling Operations PDF
J Tate

The Failure of the Kamaishi Protection Breakwater PDF
Jacob Tucker

Pinellas Bayway Bridge Replacement PDF
Thomas Wadden

The Challenge of Wave Scouring Design for the Confederation Bridge PDF
Vanessa M Walsh

Petrobras P-36 Accident PDF
Sara Whelan

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill PDF
Joe Whiffen

The Proposed Strait of Belle Isle Cable Crossing PDF
Renee White

The State Route 520 Floating Bridge in Seattle, Washington PDF
Cheryl L White

MODU Ocean Express Disaster 1976 PDF
Matthew Williams

MODU Ocean Express Disaster 1976 PDF
Matthew Williams

Deepwater Horizon PDF
Josh Winsor

Yangshan Island Deep-Water Port Project, Shanghai, China PDF
Jing Xu

The Hibernia Development Project PDF

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