La Scie Harbour Improvements


  • Robyn O'Donnell Memorial University of Newfoundland


The community of La Scie is located at the head of the Baie Verte Peninsula, between White Bay and Notre Dame Bay on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The approximate population of La Scie is 1240 residents. The history of La Scie dates back to as early as 1857 when the first settlers were recorded. However, the fishing history of La Scie dates back to as early as the 1760’s where it was used by the French as a fishing station. Currently, the total number of fishermen in La Scie is around 281. These fishermen have a total number of 141 boats, from small speed boats for inshore fishermen to longliners for offshore fishing purposes. Due to the increasing numbers of fishing vessels at the public wharf in La Scie, it was proposed to enhance the current DFO Small Crafts Harbour (SCH) facilities. This project was to involve the installation of a 40 m rubblemound breakwater, 20 m extension to an existing finger pier wharf, and construction of a 6.1 m by 60.6 m marginal wharf structure. These harbour improvements were proposed in order to increase the berthage capacity of fishing vessels and offer additional protection for various boats moored in the harbour, upgrade the existing facilities, and provide an estimated useful life of at least thirty (30) years. The proposed project complies with DFO SCH’s mandate to keep harbours critical to the fishing industry open and in good repair.


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Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ENGI.8751)