Pinellas Bayway Bridge Replacement


  • Thomas Wadden Memorial University of Newfoundland


Coastal and Ocean Engineering ENGI.8751


Pinellas County is comprised of various coastal cities located on the west coast of Florida, U.S. With over 50 kilometres of sandy beaches, this area is a popular destination for regional, national and international visitors. As a result, Pinellas County is very dependant on bridges to provide access to these areas. Specifically, the Pinellas Bayway Bridge provides a connection between the City of St. Pete Beach and the City of St. Petersburg. This bridge is the primary route used by residents, employees and visitors to access both local beaches and roadway I-275 for regional travel. The Bayway Bridge is a two-lane drawbridge that was constructed in 1962. Over time, the condition of the bridge began to deteriorate. Areas such as the bridge deck, bridge piers and mechanical systems were only designed for a service life of 50 years. Also, with increased population, bridge traffic and marine activity became more congested. This resulted in expanding the roadway leading up to the bridge from a two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway in the 1980s. Currently, construction on a $40 million, four-lane, high level, fixed span replacement bridge is underway. This fast-tracked project started early 2012 and is expected to be open for traffic in early 2015. However, there has been much debate and opposition to this project within the local community. The following paper will examine the Pinellas Bayway Bridge replacement on the basis of concern, current bridge condition, and benefits. Also, construction of the new bridge and techniques required will be reviewed.







Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ENGI.8751)