Shoreline Infrastructure in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland


  • Rob Ducey Memorial University of Newfoundland


Conception Bay South is a large municipality located on the northeast of the Avalon Peninsula. This municipality contains nine communities which have a total of approximately 20 kilometers of coastline along Conception Bay. A vast amount of housing is built along these scenic shorelines that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, much of the water and sewer in this area runs adjacent to the shoreline and this poses a threat to the town’s infrastructure. As time passes, the shorelines constantly erode and wear away. This causes problems with the amount of ground coverage that is protecting the buried infrastructure. The water and sewer pipelines are at a danger of becoming exposed to waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Immediate action must be taken to prevent this infrastructure from being damaged. Different types of coastal structures will be look at and evaluated. There are many cases of success and failure of structures along the Conception Bay South coastline. The following will show examples of what has happened to the current shoreline and what could happen if immediate action is not taken.






Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ENGI.8751)