Coastal Erosion in Daniel’s Harbour


  • Michael Luther


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Daniel’s Harbour is a small town located on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. It received its name following a storm prior to 1821 that forced a man, Daniel Riggins, to seek shelter for his boat and family that he was moving from Labrador to Bonne Bay. Upon arriving at the harbour, Daniel was faced with a decision, whether to try and find shelter in the nook, that appeared rather uninviting, or to brave the stormy conditions. Having no choice, Daniel tried and to his satisfaction, saved his family and his boat with the shelter that it provided. From that point on the area became known as Daniel’s Harbour. Daniel’s Harbour, while considered a mining town for seventeen years, remains a traditional Newfoundland fishing community, with a natural rock wall protecting the small harbour. However, this protection has come into question in recent years as steep cliffs within the community have fallen due to landslides. In April of 2007, and again in June and May of 08 and 09, this community, with a population near 300, were devastated as residents watched helplessly as a home and other smaller structures fell into the water below. In the years since these disasters several homes have been condemned and studies have been performed to bring to light the causes of the slides. In many cases the studies have identified coastal erosion and weak underlying soil within the area as the two main causes. The following report will highlight the effect coastal erosion can have on areas like Daniel’s Harbour, identify possible techniques and methods to reduce its affect, and discuss the challenges that remain following coastal erosion within the area of Daniels Harbour.


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Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ENGI.8751)