Vol 11 (2018)

Due to the kindness of the Banzelao Teixeira, Editor of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education and the Salesian Institute of Philosophy in Nashik India, we are pleased to present “Do You Want a Sane Global Economy?” originally published in print in Divyadaan Volume 21/2 (2010). This special issue, edited by Philip McShane, is devoted to introducing Lonergan’s economics. The issue includes articles by Patrick Brown, Philip McShane, Michael Shute, Darlene O’Leary and William Zanardi, all previous contributors to the Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis. It is our intention to continue publishing more articles from Divyadaan that would be of interest to readers of this journal.

Table of Contents


Starting Economics: Again PDF
Patrick Brown

The Meaning of Credit PDF
Philip McShane

Real Economic Variables PDF
Michael Shute

Keeping Promises PDF
Patrick Brown

Sane Economic Theory and the Failure of Religion PDF
Darlene O'Leary

Raising Expectations: Making Sense, Not Money PDF
William J. Zanardi

Edging Towards A Later Global Stage PDF
Philip McShane

The Global Economy and My Little Corner PDF
Philip McShane

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