• Assembling Functional Specialties
    Vol. 16 (2022)

    Method in Theology was published in 1972 (Great Britain: Darton, Longman & Todd; United States: Herder & Herder). To commemorate the 50th anniversary, a group of seven individuals carried out a three-step procedure assembling chapter 5 “Functional Specialties,” which was originally published as an article in Gregorianum in 1969.

  • In Memoriam: Philip McShane (1932-2020)
    Vol. 15 (2022)

    Thanks to the kindness of Banzelão Teixeira, editor of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education, we present here in electronic form “In Memoriam: Philip McShane (1932–2020),” originally published in print form in Divyadaan vol. 33/1 (2022).
  • Dialectic Exercises
    Vol. 14 (2020)

    This is the second collection of dialectic exercises. The topics assembled in this collection are "the dynamic state of being in love" (CWL 14, 103), the heuristic notions of space and time (CWL 3, chapter 5), the notion of a thing (CWL 3, chapter 8), the ontological structure of the hermenetuic circle, and "the more general and difficult fields of speculation" (CWL 21, 20).

  • Dialectic Exercises
    Vol. 13 (2020)

    The is the first collection of dialectic exerises. The topics assembled in this volume include Comparison (CWL 14, 235) as a solution to a problem raised in the Epilogue of Insight (CWL 3, 763-64), the general bias (CWL 3, 250-67), the meaning of probability in Insight (CWL 3), the science of interpretation (CWL 3, 585-616), and the general categories (CWL 14, 267-69).

  • Dialectic and Genetic Method
    Vol. 12 (2020)

    This volume is dedicated to Michael Shute (1951–2020), who decided to launch the Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis after a series of conferences in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1997, 1999, and 2000.  Mike's hope for the journal was that it would be a small step towards an academic revolution “that shifts the way we do business both in the economy and in the academy.” “Introduction: The Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis,” vol. 1 (2001), 7.

  • Diyvadaan vol. 12, no. 2, 2010.

    Do You Want a Sane Global Economy?
    Vol. 11 (2018)

    Due to the kindness of the Banzelao Teixeira, Editor of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education and the Salesian Institute of Philosophy in Nashik India, we are pleased to present “Do You Want a Sane Global Economy?” originally published in print in Divyadaan Volume 21/2 (2010). This special issue, edited by Philip McShane, is devoted to introducing Lonergan’s economics. 

  • Research in Lonergan Studies
    Vol. 10 (2018)

    The essays in this volume are concerned with the Lonergan corpus, both published and unpublished. Three of the articles take up questions emerging from correspondences between Bernard Lonergan and Frederick Crowe. in the final essay, Philip McShane explores of the meaning of a puzzling letter that Lonergan wrote to Crowe in 1954.

  • Functional Research
    Vol. 9 (2016)

    This issues is devoted to an extended reflection by Philip McShane on functional reseach. It is the first result of the online SGEME seminar on functional collaboration held from Janaury 2011 to February 2012. Other essays dealing with the interpretation, history, dialectic, and foundations are available in the FuSe essay series on McShane's website.

  • Functional Collaboration
    Vol. 8 (2015)

    The articles in this volume were culled from presentations over the last few years in Vancouver, Toronto, and Mexico City. In addition, we have included coeditor Michael Shute’s two-part introduction to functional collaboration originally published in 2013 in print-form in Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education.

  • Vol. 7 (2012)

    Ethics and Functional Collaboration
  • Vol. 6 (2011)

  • Vol. 4 (2004)

    Functional Interpretation
  • Vol. 3 (2003)

    Special Issue: Festschrift for Philip McShane