Raising Expectations: Making Sense, Not Money


  • William J. Zanardi St. Edward's University


Lonergan, Economics, Basic Variables, Leisure


Making sense is the topic of this essay, and it is tackled in a series of sublating contexts. It begins with reflections on the context of a simple family business that makes sense and that calls for its members to continue to create sense. Questions emerge in that making of sense that lift the group beyond its own comfortable context, so that the issue of making sense places this group and all global sub-groups in the fuller problematic of making over-all sense of our living in history. Issues of leisure and expectations are raised in a manner that point to the need for global collaboration.

Author Biography

William J. Zanardi, St. Edward's University

After retiring from teaching for over forty years at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, William J. Zanardi is continuing to write articles and books about functional specialization. A six-volume co-authored series on the third and fourth specialties contains multiple experiments in testing their worth in diagnosing and evading contemporary intellectual impasses. The most recent volumes are The Education of Liberty: Fantasies about the Future, Comparing Philosophical Methods: A Way Forward (with R.G. Aaron Mundine and Clayton Shoppa) and Rescuing Ethics from Philosophers.