Starting Economics: Again


  • Patrick Brown Seattle University School of Law


Lonergan, Economics, Basic Variables


This first essay of the volume sets the scene for the cumulative work of the five contributors. The issue is the emergence of a genuine science of economics that is based on identifying the real, and simple, variables of production and consumption. That identification is the task of the group of essays to follow. Here attention is drawn to the fact that we do not seek models to guide us but concrete promising insights into how we may improve our standard of living by seeking

Author Biography

Patrick Brown, Seattle University School of Law

Patrick Brown is an Affiliated Scholar with the Seattle University School of Law. He taught in the Seattle University philosophy department before joining the law faculty in 2002. He obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy at Boston College, writing his dissertation on Bernard Lonergan, and his J.D. degree at the University of Washington. Following law school, he clerked for the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court and practiced law full-time for several years before beginning his teaching career. He hs published articles in Theological Studies, the Journal of Catholic ThoughtMETHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies, and the Seattle University Law Review, among other journals.