Vol 4 (2004)

Functional Interpretation

Table of Contents

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Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction: Functional Interpretation PDF
Michael Shute


The Twin Paradox: Working Toward Functional Interpretation PDF
Terrance J. Quinn

Interpreting Friedman's View of Business PDF
Darlene O'Leary

Lonergan's Meaning of Complete in the Fifth Canon of Scientific Method PDF
Philip McShane

Lonergan and the Meaning of 'Word' PDF
John Benton

The Outlay Page: An Exercise in Interpretation PDF
Tom McCallion

Philip McShane's Axial Period: An Interpretation PDF
Alessandra Drage

Ad Cor Loquitur

The Aggregate Basic Price Spread: A Response to Tom McCallion PDF
Eileen Deneeve

A Reply to Eileen DeNeeve PDF
Tom McCallion

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