Vol 14 (2020)

Dialectic Exercises

This is the second collection of dialectic exercises. The topics assembled in this collection are "the dynamic state of being in love" (CWL 14, 103), the heuristic notions of space and time (CWL 3, chapter 5), the notion of a thing (CWL 3, chapter 8), the ontological structure of the hermenetuic circle, and "the more general and difficult fields of speculation" (CWL 21, 20).

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor’s Introduction PDF
James Duffy


Moving Towards JMDA Volume 14 PDF
Philip McShane

The Dynamic State of Being in Love PDF
Alexandra Gillis, Brendan Lovett, Philip McShane, Pierre Whalon

The Heuristic Notions of Space and Time PDF
James Duffy, Robert Henman, Terrance Quinn

The Notion of a Thing PDF
Meghan Allerton, Terrance Quinn

The Ontological Structure of the Hermeneutic Circle PDF
Clayton Shoppa, William Zanardi

The More General and Difficult Fields of Speculation PDF
Bruce Anderson, Philip McShane

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