Medical Education Scholarship Forum Proceedings

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Vol 5 (2018)

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Medical Education Scholarship Forum Program 2018 PDF

Oral Presentations

Improving on epidural task trainers: combining 3D printing and the Delphi Method PDF
Justin Upshall, Peter Collins

Using formative feedback to teach pharmacy students to write critical self-reflections PDF
Beverly FitzPatrick, Justin Peddle, Tiffany Lee, Terri Genge, Ary Pevida, Amy Clarke, Karina Arnold, Carla Dillon, Henry Schulz

Writing in medical education: a student perspective PDF
Emily Pye, Diana Gustafson

Comparative perspectives of the undergraduate medical education accreditation process PDF
Taryn Hearn, Tanis Adey, Heidi Coombs

Integrating registered nurses into primary care across Canada PDF
Julia Lukewich, Michelle Allard, Kris Aubrey-Bassler, Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Ruth Martin-Misener, Maria Mathews, Marie-Eve Poitras, Ruth Schofield, Joan Tranmer, Ruta Valaitis, Sabrina Wong, Lisa Ashley

Do guidelines influence emergency department staff behaviours and improve patient outcomes? Evaluation of a multi-faceted intervention for the implementation of local Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease guidelines PDF
Felix Zhou, Kavish Chandra, Dylan Sohi, Caitlin Robertson, Jacqueline Fraser, Josh Scoville, Natasha DeSousa, Chris Vaillancourt, Paul Atkinson

Knowledge and confidence in performing the pudendal block: an assessment of Newfoundland OBGYN residents and physicians PDF
Jennifer Liu, Deanna Murphy, Sean Murphy

"Sim Week" for anesthesia residents entering the Competency by Design curriculum PDF
Noel O"Regan

An environmental scan of Canadian physician re-entry, remediation, and re-training programs PDF
Lisa Fleet, Vernon Curran

A needs assessment of support implementation of the electronic medical record in Newfoundland and Labrador PDF
Lisa Fleet, Pamela Snow, Vernon Curran

Digital professionalism at the bedside: examining the use of digital, social and mobile technologies for self-directed learning PDF
Diana Gustafson, Heather Lannon, Vernon Curran

Poster Presentations

Do you hear what I hear? PDF
Jennifer Perry

Developing a low-cost, low technology male catheter insertion simulator for undergraduate medical students PDF
Charlie Gillis, Nicole Bishop, Greg Walsh, Adam Dubrowski

Medical Education and 3D printing: the design and validation of a simulation model for laparoscopic hysterectomy and vaginal cuff closure - a research proposal PDF
Jacob Buote, Nicole Ralph, Sean Murphy, Deanna Murphy, Christine Goudie

Investigating the efficacy of anatomical silicone models developed from a 3D printed mold for perineal repair suturing simulation PDF
Christine Goudie, Jessica Shanahan, Atamjit Gill, Adam Dubrowski

3D printing & medical education: developing simulated vaginal models for pediatric gynecology training PDF
Nicole Ralph, Jacob Buote, Christine Goudie, Adam Dubrowski, Deanna Murphy, Sean Murphy

A Canadian perspective of simulation-based skills attainment in internal medicine residency PDF
Tamer Abdel Moaein, Kirsty Tompkins, Natalie Bandrauk

Can you teach yourself point-of-care ultrasound to a level of clinical competency? Evaluation of a self-directed simulation-based training program PDF
Fraser Mackay, Felix Zhou, David Lewis, Jacqueline Fraser, Paul Atkinson

Keeping families together: using simulation to empower physicians and reduce antenatal transfers in rural Newfoundland
Kathleen O'Donnell, Anne Drover

Creating a global health tool-kit: an indigenous case study, for medical student by medical students PDF
Emily Bolt, Lindsay Noonan, Bethany Power, Madison Lewis

Point of care ultrasound in undergraduate medical education: Where does it belong? PDF
Emily Moores, Leen Naji, Cinnamon Barone, Owen Kavanaugh, Jason Profetto, Gillian Sheppard

The effect of blended learning on medical student engagement in clerkship thyroid disease tutorial PDF
Cathy Murray

Evaluation of hepatitis C knowledge among medical and nursing students at Memorial University of Newfoundland PDF
Lucy Smith, Rod Russell

Assessing student satisfaction with changes to the oncology academic half-day curriculum PDF
Robert McCarthy, Melanie Seal, Suzanne Drodge, Jonathan Greenland, Kara Laing, Teri Stuckless, John Thoms

Evaluating the effectiveness of a case-based learning module on borderline personality disorder for medical clerks PDF
Wei Tang, Taryn Hearn

10 years after Cameron: have we made gains in improving disclosure practices in Newfoundland and Labrador? PDF
Julia Trahey, Heidi Coombs

The Med Thread - podcasting and pharmacy education PDF
Cathy Balsom, Mike Chong, Heidi Wicks

Introduction to prescription writing: online modules for medical students PDF
Christopher Grant, John Hawboldt

Appropriate antibiotic prescribing module - how to choose which drug to use PDF
Dan Doyle, Natalie Bridger

Comparing repeated self-reflective methods on entrustable professional activities (EPAS) performance for post-graduate medical learners PDF
Timothy Brennan, Kathryn Sparrow, Kristen Romme, Michael Bautista

Development of a wellness module for PGY-1 academic half-day PDF
Jennifer O'Dea, Susan Avery, Heidi Coombs, Heather Power, Beth Whelan

Developing role modelling consciousness and competence in psychiatry residents: evaluation of a programme PDF
Melanie Wong, Tanis Adey

Development of an interprofessional care plan communication tools for pediatric cerebral palsy clinics in Newfoundland and Labrador PDF
Jennifer Mooney, Jennifer O'Dea

Using digital, social, and mobile technologies (DSMTS) for your continuing professional education PDF
Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Vernon Curran, Diana Gustafson, Lyle Wetsch

Keeping families together: using simulation to empower physicians and reduce antenatal transfers in rural Newfoundland PDF
Kathleen O'Donnell, Anne Drover

ISSN: 2291-0387