Medical Education Scholarship Forum Proceedings

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Vol 3 (2015)

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Medical Education Scholarship Forum Program PDF

Oral Presentations

Student engagement in the medical school: an oxymoron or a zeitgeist? PDF
Iain Robbé, Elizabeth Faour

Progression to postgrad: Memorial University of Newfoundland's twist on the longitudinal integrated clerkship experience PDF
Lyn Power, Christa Lewis, Donnamarie Khalili

Development and use of assessment rubrics for interprofessional education at Memorial PDF
Olga Heath, Adam Reid, Brenda Kirby, Vernon Curran, Diana Deacon, Chelsey Gagne, Sandra Parsons

What are faculty members' expectations for writing competence in medical students? PDF
Diana Gustafson

Design, implementation and evaluation of a blended intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy course PDF
Catherine Hickey, Sean McAleer, Donnamarie Khalili

An examination of communication barriers between rural family physicians and urban consultants in Newfoundland and Labrador PDF
Tia Renouf, Sabrina Alani, Desmond Whalen, Chris Harty, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Adam Dubrowski

NL physicians' intentions to recommend the HPV vaccine to male youth - in progress PDF
Victoria Law, Diana Gustafson

Recognition and elimination of the stigma associated with aging among Canadian physicians - preliminary findings PDF
Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Heather Stenerson, Andries muller

How can we engage learners in a geographically dispersed residency program? Evaluating small online learning groups (SOLG) as one possible solution PDF
Amanda Pendergast, Susan Avery

Perspectives of the postgraduate medical education environment within the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University PDF
C. Suzanne Drodge, Sabrina Alani

Effective communication with patients, families & colleagues: Evaluation of an online program for international medical graduates (IMGS) in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) PDF
Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Elizabeth Bannister

Cognitive load and simulated critical medical skills performance on stationary and moving platforms PDF
Adam Dubrowski, Tia Renouf, Andrew Smith, Sabrina Alani, Chris Hearn, Rob Brown

A phenomenological study of the self-directed learning habits of rural physicians in a digital age PDF
Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Mohamed Ravaila, Pamela Snow

Poster Presentations

Medical student distress, personal health care practices, and barriers to care PDF
Janet Bartlett

Do scores on the new psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior (PSBB) section of MCAT 2015 predict medical students' academic performance in behavioral and social sciences (BSS) courses PDF
Wanda Parsons, Janet McHugh, Cynthia Searcy, Keith Dowd

Offering pre-admission pathway programs for aboriginal youth: What benefits is the Faculty of Medicine really reaping? PDF
Carolyn Sturge-Sparkes, Catherine Donovan, David Lane, Michael Jong

Memorial University's Learners and Locations project: A community update PDF
James Rourke, Kristen Harris Walsh, Danielle O'Keefe, Mohamed Ravaila, Scott Moffatt, Wanda Parsons, Katherine Stringer, Norah Duggan, Janelle Hippe

2014 Work locations of Memorial graduates: Where are the family doctors? PDF
Maria Mathews, Dana Ryan, Asoka Samarasena

Extending MUN Med Gateway's reach: Community projects to promote wellness PDF
Pauline Duke, Jill Allison, Kate Duff, Barbara Albrechtsons, Janis Campbell, Arbbesa Dedinca, Kristina Roche, Victoria Ralph

Physician Leadership Certificate: Leadership training for medical students at Memorial University of Newfoundland PDF
Victor Maddalena, Fran Kirby, Robert Glynn

Clinical exposure to RCPSC Acute Care "problem list" in a small, tertiary care pediatric hospital PDF
Matthew Young, Chantae Garland, Kristina Krmpotic

Clinical exposure to principles of transport during residency at a small, tertiary care pediatric hospital with a large geographic catchment area PDF
Chantae Garland, Matthew Young, Kristina Krmpotic

The feasibility of an integrated anesthesia-surgery clerkship rotation as a learning experience for perioperative care PDF
Jeremy Pridham, Barton Thiessen, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Jenny Harris, Jacinta Reddigan

The use of Entrustable Professional Activities in Memorial University's Phase 4 (clerkship) curriculum PDF
Katherine Stringer, Diana Deacon, Heidi Coombs-Thorne

Teaching advocacy to junior psychiatry residents PDF
Catherine Hickey

An undergraduate point of care ultrasound curriculum: A case study in the development of an objective assessment tool using a modified Delphi technique PDF
Holly Black, Gillian Sheppard, Brian Metcalfe, Jordan Stone-McLean, Heather McCarthy, Adam Dubrowski

Reactions, knowledge/skill/attitude changes, and collaboration challenges of medicine students in the Interprofessional Practice-based Learning (IPPL) program PDF
Adam Reid, Danielle Stennett, Michelle Ryan, Olga Heath, Herbert White, Jasbir Gill, Sarah Noble

Point of care ultrasound: The height of the column of fluid in the internal jugular vein as a measure of jugular venous pressure PDF
Neil Hamilton, Mayoorendra Ravichandiran, Andrew Smith

Implementation of an Interprofessional Education (IPE) module for pediatrics residents: Development of the CanMEDS collaborator role for complex medical patients PDF
Jennifer O'Dea, Vernon Curran

Using video learning tools to increase student confidence and satisfaction in clinical interviews: A program evaluation PDF
Bill Eaton, Vina Broderick, Donnamarie Khalili

National survey of mobile learning in Canadian pediatric residency PDF
Tamer Abdel Moaein, Vernon Curran, Adam Reid

Simulation for teaching communication and leadership skills PDF
Tia Renouf, Holly Black, Desmond Whalen, Chris Harty, Sabrina Alani, Adam Dubrowski

Evaluative simulation: An innovative approach to summative assessment in an anesthesia residency program PDF
Steve Crummey, Jenny Harris, Sonia Sampson, Geoff Zbitnew

Student based research in medical simulation: Extending CanMEDS beyond the undergraduate curriculum PDF
Desmond Whalen, Christopher Harty, Holly Black, Justin Murphy, Sabrina Alani, Tia Renouf, Adam Dubrowski

Mobile simulation lab with acute care tele-medicine support PDF
Michael Parsons, Kathleen Wadden, Megan Pollard, Adam Dubrowski, Andrew Smith

Island-based research: Obstacle or opportunity? PDF
Tia Renouf, Desmond Whalen, Adam Dubrowski, Deborah Rose Dillon, Michael Scantlebury, Verle Harrop, Godfrey Baldacchino

Development of an emergency medicine simulation book to facilitate use of simulation based medical education in our curriculum PDF
Michael Parsons

Resident-driven peer simulation curriculum PDF
Kyle Murphy, Joshua Gould, Natalie Bandrauk

Low fidelity simulation for remote and low-resourced settings: A bougie-assisted crichothyroidotomy model PDF
Michael Parsons, Tia Renouf, Sabrina Alani, Adam Dubrowski

Emergency doctors think in spirals PDF
Tia Renouf, Desmond Whalen, Megan Pollard, Adam Dubrowski


The use of physiologic story boards as tools for scenario development and live scenario direction PDF
Noel O'Regan, Sonia Sampson

Addressing the elephants in the interprofessional room: Memorial University’s model PDF
Olga Heath, Caroline Porr, Carolyn Sturge Sparkes, Michele Neary, Hubert White, Janice Parsons, Brenda Kirby, Adam Reid, Andrea Brennan-Hunter, Anne-Marie Sullivan, Erin Davis, Melissa Hoskins, Michael Ducey

Delivering feedback: More than just a sandwich PDF
Steve Shorlin

ISSN: 2291-0387