Medical Education Scholarship Forum Proceedings

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Vol 4 (2017)

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Medical Education Scholarship Forum Program. PDF

Oral Presentations

From Pipelines to Pathways: the Memorial experience in educating doctors for rural generalist practice. PDF
James Rourke, Shabnam Asghari, Oliver Hurley, Mohammed Ravalia, Michael Jong, Wanda Parsons, Norah Duggan, Katherine Stringer, Danielle O'Keefe, Scott Moffatt, Wendy Graham, Carolyn Sturge Sparkes, Donald Mckay, Asoka Samarasena, Janelle Hippe, Kristin Harris Walsh

Three-dimensional printing of a hemorrhagic cervical cancer model for postgraduate gynecological training. PDF
Michael Bartellas, Stephen Ryan, Gregory Doucette, Deanna Murphy, Jacqueline Turner

Three-dimensional printing for the prediction of peri-operative and post-procedural complications in transcatheter aortic valve implantation. PDF
Casey Thorburn, Omar Abdel-Razek, Corey Adams

Insitu simulation of an MH crisis in and ECT treatment unit: Improving patient safety through education and identifying latent errors. PDF
Noel O'Regan, Michaela Burke

Can a change management approach enhance the accreditation process? PDF
Tanis Adey, Taryn Hearn, Heidi Coombs-Thorne

Evaluation results from three student cohorts in the Interprofessional Education: Skills Training (IPST) program. PDF
Adam Reid, Olga Heath, Erin Davis, Michele Neary, Janice Parsons, Caroline Porr, Anne Marie Sullivan, Carolyn Sturge Sparkes, Hubert White

Developing a comprehensive Interprofessional Education (IPE) curriculum for health and social care in Newfoundland and Labrador: the "Provincial IPE Project" update. PDF
Kristin Harris-Walsh, Chelsey McPhee, Olga Heath, Adam Reid

Writing in medical education: a student perspective. PDF
Emily Pye, Diana Gustafson

Integrating the arts and literature in the undergraduate medical education at Memorial University: reflection on accomplishments, challenges and possibilities. PDF
Natalie Beausoleil

Evaluation of in-training evaluation reports (ITERs) in anesthesia education. PDF
Sherry Jin, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Lesley Bautista, Steven Howells, Michael Bautista

Continuing professional development (CPD) and self-directed learning (SDL) in a digital age: implications for health professionals and CPD providers. PDF
Vernon Curran, Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Diana Gustafson, Karine Bernard, Lauren Rickert, Lauren Matthews, Lyle Wetsch

Developing a research education curriculum for rural doctors: trials, teachings and testaments. PDF
Shabnam Asghari, Thomas Heeley, Cheri Bethune, Wendy Graham, Patti McCarthy, Marshall Godwin

An exploratory study of regional and community best practices for facilitating physician work/life balance in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). PDF
Lisa Fleet, Karla Simmons, Tracey Bridger, Lynn Barter

Poster Presentations

Medical learners' perceptions of video-assisted self-reflection as a component of simulation debriefing. PDF
Liam Fardy, Shahzad Waheed, Roger Chafe, Jackie Williams-Connolly, Adam Dubrowski

SPIRALS: a new cognitive approach to clinical reasoning in the emergency department. PDF
Tia Renouf, Megan Pollard, Lisa Fleet, Courtney Abbott, Desmond Whalen, Adam Dubrowski

A needs assessment to guide the development of multidisciplinary simulation-based modules relevant to emergency department nurses in NL. PDF
Stephanie Smith, Megan Pollard, Michael Parsons

Development and ongoing evaluation of procedural skills instruction sessions for core and low-frequency high-stakes EM procedures. PDF
Michael Parsons, Cody Dunne, Peter Rogers

A procedural skills training needs assessment of rural EM physicians in NL and perceptions on the use of remote tele-simulation to bridge the gap. PDF
Cody Dunne, Michael Parsons

EEG-based classification of "skilled" and "unskilled" conditions as naive participants practice a cognitive-motor takes in life boat simulator. PDF
Rifat Biswas, Brian Veitch, Sarah Power

EEG correlates of learning to navigate a novel virtual environment. PDF
Brian Veitch, Sarah Power

A retrospective cohort study of Canadians who studied medicine abroad and other international medical graduates' realization of entry-to-practice milestones. PDF
Maria Mathews, Yanqing Yi, Dana Ryan, Rima Kandar, Steve Slade, Sue Beardall

Post-Graduate medical education examination outcomes and work locations of IMG family medicine residents in Canada. PDF
Maria Mathews, Yanqing Yi, Dana Ryan, Rima Kandar, Steve Slade, Sue Beardall, Ivy Bourgeault

Credentialing and retention of visa trainees in post-graduate medical education programs in Canada. PDF
Maria Mathews, Yanqing Yi, Dana Ryan, Rima Kandar, Steve Slade, Sue Beardall, Ivy Bourgeault, Linda Buske

A pilot study: Situational judgement test for selection of undergraduate medical students at Memorial University of Newfoundland. PDF
Wanda Parsons, Janet McHugh, Fiona Patterson, Victoria Roe, Donnamarie Khalili

Online resources in a global health curriculum. PDF
Sarah Simms, Monica Kidd, Russell Dawe

Country mouse, city mouse II: Examining communication barriers between rural physicians and urban consultants in Newfoundland and Labrador. PDF
Tia Renouf, Megan Pollard, Megan Morrison, Desmond Whalen, Adam Dubrowski, Courtney Abbott

Perspective: Interprofessional education: skills training (IPST) team projects, processes, and reactions. PDF
Adam Reid, Liban Mohamed, Rebecca O'Leary, Ceire Storey, Hilary Walsh, Mackenzie Dove, Rachel Ward, Cian Kavanagh, Samuel Wilkes, Alyssa Power, Evan Perry, Andrea Smith, Melanie Murphy

The application of quality improvement principles to undergraduate medical education. PDF
Victor Maddalena, Amanda Pendergast, Gerona McGrath

The introduction of entrustable professional activities (EPAS) into the undergraduate medical education curriculum at Memorial University. PDF
Katherine Stringer, Diana Deacon, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Gerona McGrath, Vernon Curran, Norah Duggan

An evaluation of the characteristics of a clinic card to assess progression in entrustable professional activities (EPAS) in undergraduate medical education: a case study of the surgery rotation. PDF
Vernon Curran, Katherine Stringer, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Henry Schulz, Craig Stone, Norah Duggan

Teacher effectiveness evaluation: a cross-sectional study on the association between the quantitative scare and qualitative comments. PDF
Alan Goodridge, Gerona McGrath, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Patrick J. Fleming

Evaluation of the Collaborator Objective Structured Clinical Examination (COSCE). PDF
Ian MacPherson, Pamela Pike, Jennifer O'Dea, Jim Farrell, Bryan Curtis, Julia Trahey, Vernon Curran, Adam Reid, Brenda Kirby, Frank MacLean, Heidi Coombs-Thorne

Effect of a handover tool on resident and staff attitudes toward patient handover in a general paediatrics inpatient unit. PDF
Joy Clements, Jennifer O'Dea

Identifying individuals at risk for ARVC caused by THEM43 P.S358L: a genetics educational tool for primary care physicians. PDF
Kathy Hodgkinson, Holly Etchegary, Lauren Rickert


Playing for keeps: How to use simulation for summative assessment and determination for competence. PDF
Noel O'Regan

Student voices matter: a model for engaging students in curriculum planning. PDF
Shannon Bedford, Catherine Grandy, Rebecca Greene, Olga Heath, Amie Mummery, Adam Reid, Ashley Renouf, Lily Repa, Jeff Siddal, Logan Slade, Jemma Hache, Melanie Johnston

Using student evaluation results to improve teaching - a practical guide to interpreting teaching evaluation results and using them to improve your teaching. PDF
Gerona McGrath

ISSN: 2291-0387