• Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland
    No. 26 (2015)

    Editor: William J. Kirwin

    Editors of this issue: Suzanne Power and Sandra Clarke

    English Language Research Centre

    Management Committee

    William Kirwin       Sandra Clarke

    Paul De Decker     Philip Hiscock

    Robert Hollett       Gerard Van Herk

    Jeff Webb            Jennifer Lokash (ex officio)

    Suzanne Power (ex officio)

    The English Language Research Centre was created in 1986, in part, to encourage and facilitate the continued investigation of the English language and cognate topics in Newfoundland. Current and future numbers of Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland are available through Memorial University's Open Access journals at:

    Regional Language Studies provides information on  projects ongoing in the Centre and articles and notes under the principal research headings of ELRC: the English language in its historical, regional, and social dimensions, place-names and cartographic history, family names, and editing of Newfoundland texts. Articles on non-English language topics in the Newfoundland and Labrador context are also encouraged. The journal publishes papers by academics, students, and others on topics relating to Newfoundland languages.

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  • Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland
    No. 25 (2014)

    Regional Language Studies...Newfoundland was established by William J. Kirwin in 1968. This issue marks the 25th number of RLS and the English Language Research Centre wanted to do something special to celebrate. Though over the years RLS has featured a number of papers dealing with language in Labrador, it has never devoted a full issue to this region of the province.

    With the publication of the Innu Language Project's dictionaries in 2013 and the launch of the Dialect Atlas of Newfoundland and Labrador, the ELRC Management Committee decided to dedicate a special RLS issue to Labrador language studies. This issue contains papers about language in Labrador from Marianne Stopp (Parks Canada), Martha Macdonald (The Labrador Institute),  Sandra Clarke (Linguistics), Suzanne Power (ELRC, Centre Manager), Marguerite MacKenzie and Laurel Anne Hasler (Linguistics/Innu Language Project) and Jenna Edwards (Linguistics).

    The editors would like to extend their thanks to David Mercer, Library Assistant in the Map Room at Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University, who produced the map appearing on page i of this issue. This map was designed to illustrate the locations of communities mentioned in the following papers, and includes some of the more recently established and well-known communities in Labrador.


  • No. 24 (2013)

    2012 marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (DNE). To celebrate this important landmark in the history of Memorial University and the province as a whole, the English Language Research Centre held a Newfoundland and Labrador English Symposium November 9-10, 2012 at Memorial University, consisting of an evening storytelling event and a day of presentations on Newfoundland and Labrador English. Storytellers were those who had been involved with the DNE or had worked closely with the editors, George Story, William Kirwin and John Widdowson. They included John Hewson, Robert Hollett, Gordon Jones, Sheila Lynch, Shane O'Dea (Master of Ceremonies), Harold Paddock and John Widdowson (via audio from an interview). The ELRC has preserved the audio from that evening and there are a number of photos on our blog ( We were fortunate that William Kirwin joined us for this event, receiving a standing ovation for his dedication to the study of Newfoundland English and his integral role in the DNE. Presentations were delivered by professors and students at Memorial University currently working on Newfoundland and Labrador English, from the departments of Folklore (Nic Hartmann, Philip Hiscock and Shamus MacDonald,), History (Jeff Webb) and Linguistics (Sandra Clarke, Paul De Decker, Rachel Deal, Sarah Knee, Suzanne Power, Jennifer Thorburn and Gerard Van Herk). RLS 24 presents selected papers from the Symposium, demonstrating that research on language in the province remains vibrant and varied.