Teaching through Composition: The Choral Music of alcides lanza

Nicholle Andrews


This presentation will demonstrate how lanza1 teaches his students though composition. Information gathered from lanzas former students, will show how his compositions taught and inspired them. By teaching his students to be individual, independent, artistic, creative, and playful he inspired many generation of Canadian composers.
Through a detailed study of lanzas un mundo imaginario, this presentation will illustrate the challenges faced when preparing a graphic score, working with computer generated sounds, and most importantly telling a meaningful story to the listener.
Argentinean-born, Canadian composer, alcides lanza, began studying music theory, counterpoint, and piano at the age of nine. Upon finishing high school, he began studying architecture at the University of Rosario, but he cut his studies short to become a musician. lanza then moved to Buenos Aires where he studied composition and became intrigued with electro acoustic music.
In 1964, the Institute di Tella in Buenos Aires opened an electro acoustic music studio, but lanza was looking for more. He moved to New York in 1965 to study at the Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Centre. In 1970, lanza became director of the electro acoustic studies of McGill University.
Since moving to Montreal, lanza has become known as a talented teacher and composer. His works with Group of the Electronic Music Studio (GEMS) at McGill University and his personal attention to each of his composition students, and the student body at large, demonstrate his dedication to the guiding of young musicians and composers.

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