Evaluation of medical career-counseling activities across Canada

Donald McKay, June Harris


Background North American medical school accreditation requires career counseling. The Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) MedCAREERS program was implemented in 2000 before published evidence of efficacy of Canadian medical school career-counseling programs existed. Objectives Our goal was to provide information on an array of career-counseling resources so that Canadian medical schools can avail of appropriate resources and select activities to help students make informed decisions about their specialty choice. Methods Data were gathered initially through the Canadian Residency Matching Service Post-Match Survey in 2003 and subsequently through the Canadian Graduation Questionnaire from 2006 to 2008. The overall response rate was 61%. Perceived benefits and efficacy of the MUN MedCAREERS Web site and several career-counseling resources were determined along with participation rates encompassing a 6-year period. Results Most career-counseling resources were perceived as helpful, regardless of participation rate. Conclusions Planners of career-counseling activities may wish to consider elements that students find most helpful.

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