Education in the Circumpolar North: Mapping the landscape

Jennifer Godfrey Anderson, Sylvia Moore (Editors)


The Morning Watch was first published through the Faculty of Education at Memorial University in 1973 as a journal to highlight the “awakening consciousness of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador” (Gushue, 1977, iv). Opened in 1925 as a teacher education college, Memorial remains the only university in the province, with 10 teaching and learning facilities, over 19,000 students, and 5,200 faculty and staff from more than 115 countries. Memorial University now formally acknowledges the island of Newfoundland as the ancestral homelands of the Mi’kmaq and Beothuk, and recognizes the Inuit of Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut and the Innu of Nitassinan and their ancestors as the original people of Labrador. Like the university, The Morning Watch began as a voice specifically for the teachers of Newfoundland and Labrador, but shifting geographies, climate change, and globalism makes the connection to history, the world, and to our Arctic partners, now much more significant. This special edition celebrates those connections by focussing on teacher education in the circumpolar north.

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