Vol 3 (2003)

Special Issue: Festschrift for Philip McShane

Table of Contents

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Editor's Introduction

Introduction PDF
Michael Shute


Implementation: The Ongoing Crisis of Method PDF
Philip McShane

Philip McShane: The First Forty Years PDF
Conn O'Donovan

Statistics as Science: Lonergan, McShane, and Popper PDF
Patrick H. Byrne

Husserl, Lonergan, and Paradoxes of Measurement PDF
Heelan A. Patrick

Reflections on Progress in Mathematics PDF
Terrance J. Quinn

On Intellectual Conversion PDF
Garrett Barden

Moral Objectivity PDF
Tad Dunne

The Plight and the Prospects of Lonergan Studies: A Personal View PDF
Hugo Meynell

McShane's Puzzles: Apologia for Those Who Flunk Them PDF
Frederick E. Crowe

Memories of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. PDF
Michael Novak

The Fragmented Self/Subject PDF
William Mathews

Implementation in Lonergan's Early Historical Manuscripts PDF
Patrick Brown

Fabricating Facts: How Exegesis Presupposes Eisegesis PDF
William J. Zanardi

Implementation in Systematics: The Structure PDF
Robert M. Doran

Climbing the Cantowers PDF
Tom McCallion

Exploring the Idea of Private Property: A Small Step Along the Road from Common Sense to Theory PDF
Kenneth R. Melchin

Ad Cor Loquitur

Comment PDF
Sister Mary of the Savior (Cathleen M. Going)

"In Economics: It Takes a Theory To Kill a Theory" PDF
Stephen L. Martin

From Leeches to Economic Science PDF
Bruce Anderson

Our Journaling Lonelinesses: A Response PDF
Philip McShane

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