Vol 9 (2016)

Philip McShane on Functional Research

This issues is devoted to an extended reflection by Philip McShane on functional reseach. It is the first result of the online SGEME seminar on functional collaboration held from Janaury 2011 to February 2012.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction PDF
Michael Shute


Preface: Functional Research PDF
Philip McShane

Functional Research: Introduction PDF
Philip McShane

Functional Research into Lonergan’s Collected Works PDF
Philip McShane

What Is Functional Research?: The Struggle So Far PDF
Philip McShane

A Contexting of First Attempts at Functional Research PDF
Philip McShane

Working Towards a Standard Model PDF
Philip McShane

The End of Lonerganism: Fuse or Refuse PDF
Philip McShane

Galactic Functional Research PDF
Philip McShane

“What is Functional Research?” PDF
Philip McShane

Neuroscience and Generalized Empirical Method Go Three Rounds PDF
Bruce Anderson

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