Vol 12 (2020)

Dialectic and Genetic Method

Table of Contents


Remembering Michael Shute PDF
Patrick Brown, Bruce Anderson

Editors' Introduction

Editor's Introduction PDF
James Duffy, Bruce Anderson


Dialectic and the Emergence of Explicit Metaphysics PDF
David Oyler

Exploring Three Dialectical-Foundational Missing Links in Academia That Lonergan Retrieves PDF
John Raymaker

What Are Your Expectations in Doing Comparative Interpretation? PDF
William J. Zanardi

A Positioning PDF
Frank Braio

“MacIntyre and Lonergan” Revisited PDF
James Duffy

Reinterpreting the Motor Car Analogy in Bernard Lonergan’s "For a New Political Economy" PDF
Hugh Williams

Review of Philip McShane, The Future: Core Precepts in Supramolecular Method and Nanochemistry PDF
William Zanardi

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