Ethics as Functional Collaboration

James Duffy


What are we to do next? is a question that spontaneously emerges in our daily lives, for example, in planning a family vacation, and the question is permeated by a mood of adventure. Ethics as functional collaboration envisions an adventure-anticipating team of individuals who are reaching for better vacations for one and all. Collectively the team is to reach both for a serious understanding of the concrete and particular, be it the local high school or local economy, and for a timely and humane reply to the question What next? Their reaching is to make more efficient and beautiful the way they divide up a large number of questions of the type What is the current situation? How did we get here? What do we want? and What are we to do next? Whatever small steps we actors in the drama of higher or lower education might take to realize such collaboration are fundamentally good steps, that is, what we are to do next.


functional collaboration, deliberation

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