Dialectic Exercise on *Method in Theology,* Chapter 5

Ivo Coelho


Ivo Coelho, SDB earned a PhD in philosophy at the Gregorian University, Rome, for his work on “The Development of the Notion of the Universal Viewpoint in Bernard Lonergan: From Insight to Method in Theology” (1994). Among his publications are Hermeneutics and Method: The ‘Universal Viewpoint’ in Bernard Lonergan (2001), Brahman and Person: Essays by Richard De Smet (2010) (ed.), Violence and its Victims: A Challenge to Philosophizing in the Indian Context (Association of Christian Philosophers India vol. 11, 2010) (ed.), Understanding Śaṅkara: Essays by Richard De Smet (2013) (ed.), and Keeping the Faith: Festschrift for Joaquim D’Souza, SDB (2016) (ed.). 

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