A Positioning

Frank Braio


Rather than getting into the spread of components in my own positioning, I want to pick up on a point made by Phil McShane in a communication sent Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 8:42 AM to: ‘lonergan_l @skipperweb.org’—re : positioning in philosophy and economics.

But before I pick up on it, I wish to relate McShane’s point both to this series of seminars and also to my own, ongoing work. Again, I would like to establish these relationships in such a way that they bring out: first, the legitimacy of the topic of dialectic being set forth in this fourth of our seminars; and secondly, how McShane’s point contributes to our common drive to understand the condensed invitation on page 250[235] of Method in Theology to participate aptly in the deeply novel method of dialectic collaboration.

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