Method in Theology: From [1 + 1/n]nx to {M (W3)θΦT}4

Philip McShane


McShane’s Essay, “Method in Theology: From [1 + 1/n]nx to {M (W3)θΦT}4”, takes off from a puzzling piece of a 1954 letter of Lonergan to Fred Crowe, which Crowe and McShane both struggled with, and pushes forward to a more coherent perspective seeded by Lonergan in the decades that span that letter in both time-directions. The theology identified as a vague genetics in 1954 is précised as a well-defined cyclic collaborative structure to emerge in later millennia as “a resolute and effective intervention in this historical process” (Phenomenology and Logic, 306).


functional specialization, Lonergan studies, theological foundations

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