The Effect of Instructor Postural Changes on the Posture of an Individual Singer


  • Jeremy Manternach University of Kansas


The purpose of this investigation was to examine the potential effect of instructor body positioning on individual singer (N=40) posture and vocal production. The instructor/researcher assumed different standing positions while standing participants sang exercises. The instructor assumed the following body conditions: (a) not in view, baseline; (b) exaggerated erect posture; (c) slumping forward; (d) leaning weight to one side; and (e) balanced, upright posture. Digital audio and video recordings of each condition were analyzed with attention to (a) singer posture changes and (b) pitch and amplitude changes as measured by spectral analysis software. Other acoustical data were analyzed qualitatively. Results were discussed in terms of vocal and choral pedagogy and implications for future research.

Author Biography

Jeremy Manternach, University of Kansas

JEREMY MANTERNACH graduated from Saint John's University/College of Saint Benedict in Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance. He is currently pursuing his MME/PhD in Choral Pedagogy at the University of Kansas, where he is a member of the Vocal/Choral Pedagogy Research Group. Previously, Jeremy was a high school choir director in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He also served for two years as the Assistant Artistic Director for the St. John's Boys' Choir in Collegeville, Minnesota. In addition to conducting, Jeremy has been active as a tenor soloist, section leader, and non-profit board member in Kansas and Minnesota. He spent six years as a section leader with the Minnesota Chorale, and one year with The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists. In the 2005-2006 school year, Jeremy was honored as a recipient of the TOP (Teacher Outstanding Performance) Award from the Anoka-Hennepin School District #11. He was selected to participate in the Minnesota Chorale Emerging Conductor program. His refereed research presentations to date include such venues as the International Physiology and Acoustics of Singing Conference (PAS 4), the Southwestern Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association, and the Kansas Music Educators Association. His choirs have given invited performances at conventions of the Minnesota Choral Directors Association. He is currently a member of the VoiceCare Network Mentorship Apprentice Program. His conducting instructors include James F. Daugherty, Br. Paul Richards, OSB, and Axel Theimer.