Method in Theology: From [1 + 1/n]nx to {M (W3)θΦT}4


  • Philip McShane Mount Saint Vincent University


functional specialization, Lonergan studies, theological foundations


McShane’s Essay, “Method in Theology: From [1 + 1/n]nx to {M (W3)θΦT}4”, takes off from a puzzling piece of a 1954 letter of Lonergan to Fred Crowe, which Crowe and McShane both struggled with, and pushes forward to a more coherent perspective seeded by Lonergan in the decades that span that letter in both time-directions. The theology identified as a vague genetics in 1954 is précised as a well-defined cyclic collaborative structure to emerge in later millennia as “a resolute and effective intervention in this historical process” (Phenomenology and Logic, 306).

Author Biography

Philip McShane, Mount Saint Vincent University

Philip McShane, a frequent contributor to this journal, has been championing Lonergan’s achievement in functional specialization for almost fifty years. His prodigious written output – it includes at last count 28 books, numerous articles, and many web series - may be explored at Philip McShane. His most recent books include The Allure of the Compelling Genius of History: Teaching Young Humans Humanity and Hope (Axial Publishing, 2015) Profit: The Stupid View of President Donald Trump (Axial Publishing, 2016) and a third edition of Economics for Everyone: Das Jus Kapital.