Medical Education Scholarship Forum Proceedings

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Vol 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Oral Presentations

Developing an on-line curriculum to teach culturally appropriate communication skills to international medical graduates
Liz Ohle, Cheri Bethune, Elizabeth Bannister, Robert Glynn, Anuj Charan

From the margins to centrality in accountability and accreditation: Global health and aboriginal health education programs PDF
Jill Allison, Carolyn Sturge-Sparkes

Impact of the Physician Management and Leadership Program (PMLP) on physician leaders and health service delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) PDF
Lisa Fleet, Victor Maddalena, Fran Kirby, Robert Glynn, Brian Hurley, Bill Morrissey, Susan Arscott, Larry Alteen, Oscar Howell

Building a scholarly research program for rural and remote family medicine faculty PDF
Cheri Bethune, Patricia McCarthy, Shabnam Asghari, Wendy Graham, Shari Fitzgerald

Vaginal hysterectomy simulator: A validity study for its introduction into gynecologic surgical training curriculum PDF
Krisztina Bajzak, Atamjit Gill

Objective structured assessment of normal vaginal delivery skill (OSADS) PDF
Rosa Magalios, Donna Hutchens, Atamjit Gill, Krisztina Bajzak

Can video gaming help improve laparoscopic skills in medical students? PDF
Leanne Martin, Donna Hutchens, Krisztina Bajzak

Initial experiences with integrated learning sessions (ILS) - a new curricular feature PDF
Greg Sherman, Gerona McGrath

Personality types of Canadian medical students PDF
June Harris, Donald McKay

Young patients tell their own stories PDF
Jacqueline Turner, Liz Ohle, Paula Mullins-Richards

The new interprofessional education and curriculum renewal in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University: A framework for success? PDF
Olga Heath, Caroline Porr, Carolyn Sturge-Sparkes, Adam Reid, Andrea Brennan-Hunter, Erin Davis, Brenda Kirby, Michele Neary, Hubert White

Evaluating the evaluations in an orthopedic surgery residency program PDF
Nicholas Smith, Vernan Curran, Mark Hayward, Andrew Furey

Medical students' oral case presentation skills: A survey of medical students, residents, and attending physicians PDF
Peter MacPherson, Anne Drover

Likert or not? Is there a linkage between the qualitative and quantitative results of faculty evaluations? PDF
Alan Goodridge, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Gerona McGrath

Internet-supported continuing medical education in point of care ultrasound: Are push tactics an effective method of promoting self-directed learning? PDF
Laura Callaghan, Sujiva Heyn, Adam Dubrowski, Andrew Smith

The influences of networks and weak ties on students by contributors to the MD program PDF
Iain Robbé

Helping physicians maintain health, knowledge, and skills as they age and transition to retirement PDF
Lisa Fleet, Heather Stenerson, Karla Simmons

Poster Presentations

Enhancing patient safety through undergraduate interprofessional education PDF
Paula Mullins-Richards, Anne Kearney, Ann Hollett, Karen Mitchell, Liz Ohle

Standardized patients make it real for nursing students PDF
Liz Ohle, Robert J. Meadus, Margaret Daly

Assessment of the horizontal integration of anesthesia in general surgery at Memorial University of Newfoundland - a pilot project PDF
Jeremy Pridham, Barton Thiessen, Stephen Shorlin, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Robyn Penny

The evaluation of an e-learning module for an effective well-baby visit using the Rourke Baby Record PDF
Leslie Rourke, Sarah Hann, Anne Drover, David Stokes, Norah Duggan, Denise Hickey, Jacinta Reddigan, Katrin Zipperlen

Generation Gap!: A comparison of seven psychometric properties between generations and their implications for medical schools PDF
Tia Renouf, Katrin Zipperlen, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Karla Simmons, Vernon Curran

Anesthesia residents using in situ simulation to educate operating room nursing personnel on high risk, low frequency anesthetic events PDF
Kathleen Carten, Stephanie Power-MacDonald, Jeff Ng, Sonia Sampson

An evaluation of a psychotherapy training skills program PDF
Paula Mullins-Richards, Gary Tarrant, Marshall Godwin, Peter Cornish, George Hurley, Cheri Bethune, Liz Ohle, Karen Mitchell

Evaluation and implementation of multisource feedback for Memorial University's pediatric residency program PDF
Katie Soper, Roger Chafe, Anne Drover

Use of health advocacy essay to improve competence PDF
Mark Borgaonkar, David Pace, Paul Jeon

A review of curriculum delivery and evaluation practices in interprofessional education in medical schools across Canada PDF
Adam Reid, Danielle Stennett, Olga Heath

Resident-driven peer simulation curriculum: Pilot project for internal medicine residents PDF
Josh Gould, Kyle Murphy, Natalie Bandrauk

Exploring pharmacists' expectations of competent family physicians PDF
Katherine Stringer, Shabnam Asghari, Vernon Curran, Carla Dillon, Danielle O'Keefe, Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Donnamarie Khalili

Ranking the CanMEDS roles: Comparing perceptions of undergraduate health sciences students PDF
Mark Hayward, Bryan Curtis, Sean Murphy

Should I apply for medical school? A look into how rural students perceive barriers PDF
Alison Greene, Chelsea Harris, Loni Slade, Desmond Whalen, Elizabeth Faour, Chris Harty

Exploring the effects of participation in Family Medicine Interest Group activities on medical student interest in family medicine PDF
Chris Earle, Carolyn Arbanas, Stephen Lee

MUN Med Gateway: Experiences and benefits for student volunteers and newcomer refugees PDF
Pauline Duke, Raymond Li, Tilak Chawan

Insight: Integrating social determinants into a pre-clerkship international global health program PDF
Jill Allison, Shree Mulay

Social accountability in medical education PDF
Catherine Nicholson, Iain Robbé


Making the most out of simulation PDF
Karen Angus, Sarah Mathieson, Adam Dubrowski

Meta-leadership 101: Influencing organizational success PDF
Adam Dubrowski

Awakening the right brain and hushing the left brain: Enhancement of scholarly writing skills in an academic setting PDF
Patricia McCarthy, Cheri Bethune, Shabnam Asghari, Wendy Graham, Shari Fitzgerald

Critical reflection in medical education PDF
Stephen Shorlin

Living labs: The case of point-of-care ultrasound education PDF
Adam Dubrowski, Brian Metcalfe, Mike Parsons, Tia Renouf, Peter Rogers, Gillian Sheppard, Andrew Smith, Holly Black, Heather McCarthy, Jordon Stone-Mclean

All work and no play ... PDF
Gina Higgins

Social accountability: Impact of the Faculty of Medicine's activities on the community and patient care PDF
Iain Robbé, Lisa Fleet, Fran Kirby, Janet McHugh, Wanda Parsons

The Community of Inquiry Framework and Metacognition: A practical way to improve critical thinking and metacognitive awareness in students PDF
Gerona McGrath

ISSN: 2291-0387