Vol 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


How Can the Jazz Singer Improvise Through Vocalecosystems? PDF
Jeri Brown

Singing and Song: A Biophysical and Evolutionary Perspective PDF
Dianne Cameron

Engaging with Songs: Transforming Singing in the Singapore Music Classroom PDF
Rebecca Chew, Hui-Ping Ho, Siew-Ling Chua

How do we frame singing education and culture? PDF
Sara Clethero

Removing Barriers from Choral Singing PDF
Rita Ferrer Miquel, Ivet Farres i Cullell, Joan de la Creu Godoy Tomàs, Anna Ribera Gironell

Determining and Enhancing the Competencies of the School-Based Choir Conductor through a Capability Building Program PDF
Gilbert Allan Dispo

Tant que durera l’automne”: Text-music relationships in Correspondances by Henri Dutilleux PDF
Troy Ducharme

Norwegian Stev Text and Tune Relationships: Millennium-old Vocal Tradition as Accentual Poetry PDF
Jacqueline Ekgren

A Content Analysis of ACDA National Conference Interest Sessions: 1960 – 2013 PDF
Donna T. Ferretti, Marvin E. Latimer Jr.

All those words! Accounting for singers’ memory PDF
Joel Katz

Interpreting folk humour and wisdom, Estonian style: Lepo Sumera's vocal cycle as a window to the language and tradition PDF
Dina Lentsner, Saale Konsap

Dosimeter Sound Level Measurements in Practice Rooms PDF
Alan J. Martin

The Effects of Singer Head Position on Listener Preferences and Perceptions of Vocal Timbre PDF
Amelia A. Rollings

Off the Beaten Path: Undiscovered gems from the Choral Public Domain Library PDF
Vaughn Roste

Voice shame: Self-censorship in vocal performance PDF
Tiri Bergesen Schei, Edvin Schei