Ilisaijinngulauqtut (They became teachers): A Discussion of Inuit Teacher Education Opportunities Within Inuit Nunangat

Pauline Copland, Holly Carpenter, Jodi Lyall, Nancy Etok, Kathy Snow, Ruth Kane


Initial teacher education in Canada involves both education and certification. While teaching is designed by post-secondary institutions, certification falls under the jurisdiction of provinces and territories. Within Inuit Nunangat the intersection of both is guided by land claims agreements, which vary across the region. We establish a baseline for ongoing discussions of Inuit teacher education opportunities for growth. We also adopt Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) as a framework for unifying discussions across the regions, and through this, highlight innovations in teacher education within each of the regions in relation to the history of program development and student experience. In addition, regionally specific challenges with teacher education alongside shared challenges impacting recruitment, retention, and professional progression of teachers are discussed. Finally in our concluding thoughts, we explore the tensions between intentions and realities of becoming teacher for Inuit who wish to compete their initial teacher education at home.

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