Vol 12 (2020)

The Phenomenology of Ludwig Landgrebe, guest edited by Sylvain Camilleri

Table of Contents

Introducing the Issue

AH Welcomes New Editor: Dr. Ramsey Eric Ramsey PDF
Sean McGrath


Gedenkwort von 1991 für Ludwig Landgrebe PDF
Klaus Held

Landgrebe’s Reading of Marty: On Name and Proper Name PDF
Charlotte Gauvry

Ludwig Landgrebe’s Phenomenology of Moods PDF
Ignacio Quepons

Husserl und die „Philosophie der Philosophiegeschichte“ PDF
Peter Andras Varga

Woher kommt die Hyle? Eine Analyse zur Landgrebeschen Antwort PDF
Ying-Chien Yang

Embodiment and Subjectivity in Ludwig Landgrebe’s Interpretation of Husserl PDF
Karel Novotný

The Origin of the World and the Absolute Fact: Landgrebe and the Limitations of Husserl’s Concept of World PDF
Ovidiu Stanciu

Phenomenology and Marxism according to Landgrebe: On “The Problem of Teleology and Corporeality in Phenomenology and Marxism” PDF
Noé Expósito, Agata Bąk

De la philosophie de la religion dans l’oeuvre de Landgrebe PDF
Sylvain Camilleri

A Phenomenological Argument for Realism PDF
Denis Seron

Reviews and Notices

Review of Rob Bryer, Accounting for Value in Marx’s Capital: The Invisible Hand PDF
Michael Broz

Review of William Pinar, Moving Images of Eternity: George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching, and Technology PDF
Bryan Heystee

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