Vol 9 (2017)

The Idea of God. Edited by Joël Madore and David Tracey

Table of Contents


Augustine’s ‘Si comprehendis, non est Deus’ – To what extent is God incomprehensible? PDF
Jean Grondin

The Idea of God: On the Divine Names PDF
Peter Harris

Populism and the Late Schelling on Mythology, Ideology, and Revelation PDF
Sean McGrath

Charles Taylor’s Modern Identity and the “Atonement Muddle” PDF
James Gerrie

Levinas’ God: Ethical Horizon, Political Necessity PDF
Joël Madore

The Ideas of God and Self Within a Phenomenology of Body PDF
Michelle Rebidoux

Nietzsche and the Idea of God: Is God Good or Bad for your Psychological Health? PDF
David Leo Tracey

On Kant On the Idea(s) of God PDF
Garth W. Green

Ars moriendi: Of course, I must polish my shoes PDF
Mario O. D’Souza

Reviews and Notices

Review of Riccardo Saccenti’s Debating Medieval Natural Law: A Survey (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2016) PDF
Peter Karl Koritansky

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