Augustine’s ‘Si comprehendis, non est Deus’ – To what extent is God incomprehensible?

Jean Grondin


The idea of God is one from which contemporary philosophy, to say nothing of
Western society at large, seems to have turned away from or replaced by other
quests. There is however no greater and more vital subject than the idea of God.
It is essential because it is difficult to see how life can have an overriding
meaning if there is no God. Or, as Ivan Karamazov puts it in Dostoyevsky’s
novel, if there is no God, all hell breaks loose. For philosophers and inquiring
minds, God also happens to be one of the most cogent answers to the question as
to why there is Being and not nothing. There is little to be gained by looking
down on such an answer, which was revered as the highest Good in all cultures
and epochs.

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