Journal History

Lithos is the Memorial University Medical Journal created within and supported by the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. The Journal was founded in 2021 by second-year medical student Ian Janes (class of 2024) and originally designed as an outlet for students to foster creativity and develop original ideas individually and collaboratively. The creation of the Memorial University Medical Journal aimed to serve several purposes in-line with expected competencies of future medical practitioners and medical researchers, such as improving research interest, proficiency and participation, while attempting to promote student works.

The journal continuously operates via a student-led editorial team under the guidance of an esteemed advisory board composed of researchers and physicians within the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial. A variety of disciplines relevant to the field of medicine are featured within the journal, with a dedication to a double-blinded peer review process that strives to publish high quality literature.

The title of our journal, Lithos, is the Greek word for rock or stone. Memorial University is the sole University of Newfoundland and Labrador which is often referred to as "The Rock". Additionally, the word Lithos appears as the suffix of various medical conditions. As such, Lithos is a title representative of both, our province and the field of medicine.


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