Vol 4 (2012)

Winter 2012

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From the Editor

Editors' Notes & About the Contributors PDF
Brad King, Tess Hemeon


The Ultimate Weapon against Genetic Discrimination: Comprehensive Genetic Anti-Discrimination Legal Package PDF
Jessica Lelani Habet

Choosing the Who, the What, and the How: Maximizing Accountability and Representation through European Electoral Systems PDF
Candace Simms

Assessing International Cooperation on Climate Change: A Neoliberal Analysis of the Effectiveness of Formal International Environmental Institutions PDF
Jeremiah Collins

Realism, Liberalism and the Democratic Peace PDF
Callum Petrie Carmichael

Sociological, Psychological, and Political Factors Behind the Informal Economy: Recommendations for Successful Development Policy PDF
Colin Scott

Mothers and Whores: The Relationship between Popular Culture and Women in Politics PDF
Sydney White

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