Vol 9 (2018)

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From the Editor

Letter from the Editors PDF
Megan De Vries, Jason D. Waters


The Causes of High Human Development in Cuba PDF
Cam Bortolon

“When in France, do as the French do!”: The Front National and the European Union; A Battle for the Preservation of French Culture PDF
Ella Adriana Chirinos

National Identity and Sports in Latin America: The Hundred-Hour Football War between El Salvador and Honduras PDF
Ella Adriana Chirinos

Canals, Consent and Coercion: A Critical Approach to the Politics of Transnational Mega-Projects PDF
Francis James Dawson

Ethnicity, Regime Type and the Tendency for Violence PDF
Jacob P Dinn

Analyse comparative de la montée du populisme aux États-Unis et en Europe. PDF
Alexis Heros

Campaigns as Gendered Institutions: A Case Study Between B.C. Premier and California Gubernational Campaigns PDF
Michelle Irving

An Ever-Closer Union: Communitarization of the European Union's Border Security PDF
Colin Mitchell

The determinants of differing legislative responses in similar states: A Nordic Case Study PDF
Michael Joseph Piaseczny

Will Enough ever be Enough? PDF
Hayley Alexandra Russell

Unequal Under the Law: Indigenous Originalism and the Living-Tree Approach within Canadian Constitutional Jurisprudence PDF
Hayley Russell

Brexit, Secession, and Euroscepticism PDF
Elliot Mark Sulima

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