“When in France, do as the French do!”: The Front National and the European Union; A Battle for the Preservation of French Culture

Ella Adriana Chirinos


With the rise of the far-right in Europe, previously unpopular right-wing parties emerge from the shadows to rival the dominant parties of their state. One such political party which has benefited from the wave of far-right movements in Europe is the Front National (FN) in France. One of the most distinguishing features of the FN is its criticism of the European Union (EU), arguing that the EU has contributed to the decline of France, specifically, the decline of French sovereignty. Embracing its Euroscepticism, the FN is the only outspoken anti-EU party in France, allowing it to further promote its role as the sole protector of the French culture. This paper contends that the condemnation of the European Union by the Front National is embedded in a cultural nationalist argument, where the EU is viewed as encroaching on the state’s ability to provide for and look after “the French people,” thereby being detrimental to the interests of France.

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