: New Logo Announcement

The Editorial Board of Mapping Politics has adopted a new logo design created and proposed by Jason Waters, Co-Editor of the journal.

Replacing the journal's original tri-globe logo was identified as a goal during 2017 because the logo was not easily adapted to social media use and high-quality versions of the file were not available. A contest to replace the logo was launched in the fall of 2017 but no entries were received.

The new logo continues the tradition of using the Memorial University claret as the primary colour for the journal. A modern-looking sans serif font has been used and the logo features a single globe as a nod to the original logo design. The logo is compact and clearly identifies the journal when used on social media and in print media, such as posters.

A new page on the journal outlining its history will feature a section on the original logo design to document this piece of the journal's history.

*Disclaimer: As the Co-Editor of Mapping Politics, Jason Waters did not benefit from the prize money offered in the logo design competition.

ISSN: 1920-5473