: New Constitution Approved

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, the Editorial Board of Mapping Politics ratified a new constitution which establishes a new governance model for the journal. The new constitution was drafted to provide clear guidance for the operation of the journal over the coming years.

For most of its history, Mapping Politics has worked closely with the political science undergraduate society and its editors were often selected by the society. This relationship is reflected in the journal's new structure while also incorporating a stronger relationship with the graduate students of the department. The role of the faculty advisor is also incorporated.

Over the month of August, an Editorial Board has been formed to provide oversight and accountability for the journal's editors. A diverse group of students, alumni and faculty will select editors and approve changes to journal policy. It is hoped that this body will provide resilience and capacity to the journal as it looks forward to its second decade.

These are exciting times for Mapping Politics and we look forward to announcing more changes during the fall.

ISSN: 1920-5473