Use of CFD in Ocean Engineering

Dexin Zhan, Worakanok Thanyamanta, David Molyneux


Transportation of oil and gas and oil spills are two potential risks posed to the marine environment. This paper mainly focuses on the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at Oceanic Consulting Corporation (OCC). With OCC’s extensive CFD experience in Marine Engineering, it is expected that we could expand our expertise into the area of oil spill forecast and response or other related areas.

Under support of the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF), Oceanic has been engaged in a project “Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Loads for the Safe Production and Transportation of Oil and Gas in Harsh Marine Environments” since 2008. This paper presents some CFD studies taken from this project, which includes:

1)  3-dimension flow simulation;

2)       Sloshing prediction of a U-tube tank in a vessel; and

3)       Moored structure motion in waves and visualization.

It also includes an introduction to some commercial CFD and in-house codes used in Oceanic.

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