Sea-Land Integrated Pollution Control Mode applied to Beidaihe Offshore Area

Zhijiao Zhang, Renzhi Liu, Yanwei Zhao


A Sea-Land Integrated Pollution Control Mode(SLIPCM) is extremely needed as the Beidaihe offshore area experiences the deterioration of water environmental quality and degradation of ecosystem service functions. In this study, a retrospective analysis was used to review the total discharge amount of major pollutants and quality of water environment over the past five years. And it further identified the major water environmental problems and screened out the primary pollution sources. According to lower level of socio-economic development and less power of regional pollution control within the catchment, a set of practical targets regarding freshwater and marine environment protection were made out. Furthermore the SLIPCM was proposed to meet above targets and countermeasures were presented in three dimensions, namely non-point source pollution control, point source pollution control, and water ecological protection and restoration. Moreover, a SWAT model was established to predict the SLIPCM performance in three scenarios. The results showed that the effect of sea-land integrated pollution control  scheme was the best and almost can meet the Ⅰclass of water quality standard.

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