Vol 9, No 1 (2021)


A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity, and Practice

Special Issue: Pandemic Social Work: Social Work Practice, Education, and Activism in the Time of COVID

Table of Contents


Editorial: Pandemic Social Work: Practice, Education, and Activism in the Time of COVID PDF
Teresa Macías, Sobia Shaheen Shaikh



The Great Pandemic Confinement: Long-Term Care, Migrants, and Organized Abandonment PDF
Vannina Sztainbok


“Teach Me How to Stay on Top of Things”: Navigating Ontological (In)Security and Optimistic Attachments PDF
Heidi Zhang


Neo-Liberalism and Post-Crisis Recovery: A Review of Literature on 2008 Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery PDF
Shila Avissa


Navigating the Brick Wall: School Settlement Workers’ Responses to Exacerbated Inequities for Newcomer Students in COVID-19 PDF
Willow Samara Allen, Amanda Gebhard, Fritz Pino


Men, Masculinities, and the Global Pandemic: Exploring the Politics of Masculinities and Interlocking Relations of Power During the Initial Stage of COVID-19 PDF
Christopher John Greig, Kimberly M. Hillier


Pandemic Possibilities in Crip Time: Disrupting Social Work Field Education PDF
Kaia M Arrow, Zachary Sera Grant


Necropolitics and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Indigenous Peoples of Tripura, Northeast India PDF
Thomas Malsom, Biswaranjan Tripura


Social Work Education During COVID-19: Students’ Perceptions of the Challenges and Opportunities of Online and Blended Learning PDF PDF
Tia Simanovic, Ionuţ Cioarţă, Cara Jardine, Sally Paul


Voices from the Trenches

Abolitionist Disjuncture: Reducing Police Violence in Frontline Social Work PDF
Sparrow A. Preston


Beyond the Rupture: COVID-19, Children, and the World Anew PDF
Meighan Mantei


Sewing Apart and Together: The Experience of a Mask-Sewing Alliance in Times of COVID-19 PDF
Jeanne Dagenais-Lespérance, Roxane Caron


A Tale of Two Clinicians: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Provision of Therapy PDF
Lindsey Susanne Jaber, Jennifer Wendy Cordeiro


Mapping Out Indigenous and Racialized Critical Community-Based Perspectives and Experiences in the Time of COVID PDF
Maryam Khan, Giselle Dias, Amanda Thompson


Deconstructing the Romanticization of Solidarity: Reflections on Social Worker Performativity and Resistance during COVID-19 PDF
Alishau Diebold, David Grand, Meredith Berrouard, Sarah Pearson


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