Determining and Enhancing the Competencies of the School-Based Choir Conductor through a Capability Building Program


  • Gilbert Allan Dispo Saint Louis University


The power of choral singing has been proven to be significant in transforming every person into better individuals. This can be achieved if the school choir director who delivers the training has the technical knowledge, rehearsal techniques, and conducting skills which are essential to maintain a competitive school choir.
Using descriptive survey research method the competencies of the school choir directors as to musical competencies, managerial competencies, and musicianship competencies were determined and enhanced through a capability building program conducted.
Moreover, it showed that before the conduct of the capability building program the respondents have moderate competence on musical competencies and low competence on managerial competencies and musicianship competencies. A significant difference existed after the conduct of the program specifically on the managerial competencies and musicianship competencies among school choir directors which signified high competence as observed in the respondents’ choir demonstration.