The Education of Immigrant and Refugee Students in NL: What Philosophy of Education Might Say


  • James Scott Johnston Memorial University of Newfoundland


Philosophy of education is variously understood; to some, it is the discipline in education that gets at ‘big questions’ or ‘first things,’ i.e. metaphysical and moral grounds, principles, and rules that purport to provide a foundation for teaching and learning, the curriculum, and schools. To others, it is a system that helps us to interpret scientific and social-scientific findings and put these in the context of persons, community, society, and (especially) politics. These two positions (and there are others) are not mutually exclusive. In this discussion, I will draw on both of these (disciplines and systems) as I discuss the role philosophy of education might play in discussions of the education of immigrant and refugee students in Newfoundland and Labrador (hereafter NL).