Coverage of European Union Treaties in Canada’s National Newspapers

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Tim Callanan


This article analyzes the coverage of three European Union (EU) treaties by the National Post and the Globe and Mail. News articles concerning the treaties are categorized as political or economic in focus, and editorials as positive or negative. The article argues that despite typically focusing on the EU as an economic body, the newspapers tend to report on EU treaties as political events, giving little attention to their economic implications. The article also argues that the newspapers adhere to their ideological tendencies when reporting on EU treaties, the National Post being more critical of EU integration and the Globe and Mail being largely supportive of it.

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Tim Callanan, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Tim Callanan is an undergraduate student at Memorial University. He is in the process of completing his Honours thesis in English Language and Literature with a minor in Political Science, and is currently participating in the Canada World Youth international volunteering program.