Ending Water Scarcity In The Desert: Is It A Mirage? Examining Desalination Technology As A Solution For Water Scarcity In Israel

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Christopher Wieczorek


This paper examines contemporary efforts to end water scarcity in the Israeli state. Although the supply of water was initially envisioned as a responsibility solely of the state and took on an almost religious importance, developments over the last 15 years have elevated the role of the private sector, through the use of Public-Private Partnerships, in building new desalination plants and other required infrastructure, filling a role formerly held by the state. Although the amount of potable water in Israel has increased, too much focus has been placed on increasing water supply, while initiatives to decrease demand for water have been largely neglected. Negative externalities stemming from the country's embrace of desalination technology, including damage to marine environments, have been largely ignored as well. 

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Christopher Wieczorek, Dalhousie University

Christopher is an Honours student in the Department of Political Science at Dalhousie University.