The Rise of China: What Makes It A Threat to East Asian States?

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Limingcui (Emma) Huang


The China threat theory has been prevalent in recent years. Focusing on each of the four East Asian states, this article examines why China is perceived as a threat. This article discusses the origin of China’s rapid economic development and the resulting growing competition in themarket. Studying domestic and international commercial statistics, this article analyzes how East Asian states have become economically dependent on, and thus menaced by, the rising China. Then, this article proceeds to evaluate how a strengthened economy empowers China in military tactics and political influence. Comparing the financial input for military building and influence on governmental negotiations, this article reveals the intense relations between China and surrounding states over the matter of regional stability. This article also shows that heavy reliance on China for economic development has rendered the states and relevant organizations to accommodate China in policy-making, hence increasing China’s influence and its neighbouring states’ unease.

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Limingcui (Emma) Huang, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Limingcui (Emma) Huang is entering her third year of her BA with a major in Political Science and a minor in Spanish/Law and Society.