Intelligent Multiparameter Fiber-Optic Sensing for Ocean Observation


  • Qiying Chen Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Liqiu Men Memorial University of Newfoundland


With the increasing needs for the protection of marine and fresh water environment, there is surging demand for effective technologies to monitor different environmental parameters. Among different new technologies, fiber-optic sensing technology has found its unique roles in the measurement of different environmental parameters with advantages such as immunity to electromagnetic interference, compact size, low cost, and the possibility of distributed measurement over a long distance. In this study, we demonstrate a novel approach to realize intelligent multiparameter fiber-optic sensing to achieve simultaneous measurement of temperature and other parameters for marine observation, including salinity, flow rate, and chemical sensing. The temperature sensitivities of the acrylate and polyimide-coated fiber sensors are 0.0102 and 0.0094 nm/°C, respectively. The salinity sensitivity of the fiber sensor on potassium chloride concentration is 0.0126 nm/M.