The Singing Revolution: Presentation on the Documentary Film by James and Maureen Tusty

Mimi S. Daitz


I was torn between interjecting comments, as we view the film together, and remaining silent, so that you could experience the film by itself. I will follow the second of these procedures. Hopefully, after my comments and the question and answer (Q&A) period to follow, you will see the film again, if not several times, in its entirety. [Entire film shown, 1 hour 37 minutes].
My talk today will not be a formal paper. Rather, Id like to explain or enlarge upon explanations already available about various elements of this film. My focus will be on Estonian culture and choral music. Rock, as a style which has challenged the status quo, was a vital part of the actual Singing Revolution and of this film, but will not be discussed here.

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