Finding a Voice: Why Boys (Dont) Sing


While the question Why do boys stop singing? has been extensively studied, this paper asks the specific question "Why do males keep singing?" Interviews were conducted with 18 boys and men ranging from early adolescence to working adults. From the adult group, focus was on two men who had stopped singing but had returned to it after a number of years as well as two men who had remained singing throughout their lives. Among the younger males, the focus was on boys currently experiencing a voice change, boys with changed voices who had remained singing through the voice change, male singers studying music at university, and finally young men in other fields of university study who remain actively involved in choral music. The results suggest that, in spite of the sociological, psychological, and physiological factors that hinder male choral involvement, boys who continue to sing do so for definite reasons. The findings of this study led the authors to develop a conceptual framework that may support the increased, sustained involvement of males in singing.

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