No 4 (2012)

Refiguring Divinity: Continental Philosophy of Religion. Guest editor, Michelle Rebidoux.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Issue

Introduction PDF
Michelle Rebidoux


Contestation and Epektasis in the Discussion on Sin PDF
Stephen E. Lewis

The Principle of the World and the Call to Faith: Philosophical Commentary on 1 Corinthians 7 and Matthew 27 PDF
Jeffrey Bloechl

Figuring/Refiguring God PDF
Adriaan T. Peperzak

Thinking Limits: Language and the Event of Incarnation PDF
Andrzej Wiercinski

Who do you say I am?: Secular Christologies in Contemporary French Philosophy PDF
Anthony Paul Smith

Bodies, Communities, Faith: Christian Legacies in Jean-Luc Nancy PDF
Christina M. Smerick

Corporeality, Animality, Bestiality: Emmanuel Falque on Incarnate Flesh PDF
Christina M. Gschwandtner

The Shameful Mysteries: Carnal Remains PDF
Karmen MacKendrick

The Philosopher-Priest and the Mythology of Reason PDF
John Panteleimon Manoussakis

The Fiction of an Absolute: Theopoetically Refiguring a Sacred Hauntology PDF
B. Keith Putt

Postmodern Kataphaticism: A Constructive Proposal PDF
J. Aaron Simmons

Meillassouxs Speculative Politics: Time and the Divinity to Come PDF
Peter Gratton

Kant and Henry: An Inheritance of Idealism and a Turn for Phenomenology PDF
Garth Green

Postcolonial Biblical Hermeneutics: Interpreting with a Genuine Attunement to Otherness PDF
Daniel J. Martino

Linguistic Hospitality: The Task of Translation in Ricoeur and Levinas PDF
Scott Davidson

A Symposium on the Work of James Bradley

Adieu to James Bradley PDF
S. J. McGrath

Creative Order: The Case for Speculative Metaphysics PDF
Peter Harris

To what Sort of Metaphysical Realism does Peirce Subscribe? Reflections on James Bradleys Account of Firstness PDF
James Scott Johnston

Beyond Hermeneutics: Derridas Semiology as a Temporal Metaphysics of Communication PDF
Peter Gratton

Another Guess at the Riddle: More Ado About Nothing PDF
Philip Rose


In Defense of Hierarchy: A Response to Levi Bryants A Logic of Multiplicities: Deleuze, Immanence, and Onticology PDF

Reviews and Notices

Review of Michelle Rebidoux, The Philosophy of Michel Henry (1922 2002): A French Christian Phenomenology of Life (Edwin Mellen Press, 2012) PDF
S. J. McGrath

Review of Noah Horwitz, Reality in the Name of God (Createspace, 2012) PDF
Stephen Gardner

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