No 2 (2010)

Questioning the Absolute

The core of the papers gathered here were first presented at a conference on the philosophy of religion hosted by the International Institute for Hermeneutics at Mount Allison University (New Brunswick) in August 2006. Other papers were solicited by the editors to round out a historical retrieval of the proofs for Gods existence.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Issue

The Absolute Question PDF
S J McGrath


Properly Situating Philosophical Arguments for God PDF
Michael Vertin

Whats Different About Anselms Argument? The Contemporary Relevance of the Ontological Proof PDF
Bernard Wills

What Kind of 'Proofs' are Aquinas's Demonstrations of God's Existence? PDF
Jonathan Bieler

The Five Ways and Aquinas's De Deo Uno PDF
Antoine Guggenheim

Descartes's Ontological Proof: Cause and Divine Perfection PDF
Darren Hynes

The Drama of Reason: Hume's Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion and the Antinomies of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason PDF
Conor Barry

Thinking the Unknown: Kierkegaard's Climacus and the Absolute Paradox of Understanding PDF
A.D.C Cake

Swinburne's Reconstruction of Leibniz's Cosmological Argument PDF
Markus Enders

Infinity and the Call of Thinking: Bernhard Welte and the Question of God PDF
Andrzej Wiercinski

Girard and Anselm: The Ontological Argument and Mimetic Theory PDF
Paolo Diego Bubbio

Thinking Transcendence with Levinas: From the Ethico-Religious to the Political and Beyond PDF
Jeffrey W. Robbins

Bernard Lonergan on Affirmation of the Existence of God PDF
Paul St. Amour

The Proof of Beauty: From Aesthetic Experience to the Beauty of God PDF
John Dadosky

Post-secular Spinoza: Deleuze, Negri and Radical Political Theology PDF
Clayton Crockett

Blessed are Those Who Have Not Seen and Yet Believe: Postmodernity and the Return of Religion PDF
Brian Treanor

The Courage to Ask and the Humility to Listen: Hermeneutics between Philosophy and Theology PDF
Andrzej Wiercinski

Reviews and Notices

Adina Bozga. The Exasperating Gift of Singularity: Husserl, Levinas, Henry. PDF
Max Schaefer

Iain Hamilton Grant. Philosophies of Nature After Schelling. PDF
Ben Woodard

Alain Badiou. Pocket Pantheon: Figures of Postwar Philosophy. Trans. David Macey. PDF
Nick Srnicek

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