Vol 8 (2016)

The Philosophy of Michel Henry. Edited by Roberto Formisano and Garth W. Green

Table of Contents

Introducing the Issue

Introduction: The Philosophy of Michel Henry PDF
Roberto Formisano, Garth W. Green


Ontological Destruction of the Kantian Critique of the Paralogism of Rational Psychology PDF
Michel Henry

The Reduction and ‘The Fourth Principle’ PDF
Jean-Luc Marion

Suffering and Ipseity in Michel Henry: The Problem of the Ego’s Transcendental Identity PDF
Jean-François Lavigne

Religion as the Ethical Form of Self-Regulation: Reflections after Michel Henry PDF
Jean Leclercq

Michel Henry between Krisis and Critique: Philosophy in the Age of Barbarism PDF
Carla Canullo

Expérience d’autrui et érotisme chez Henry et Sartre PDF
Grégori Jean

Community from the Perspective of Life PDF
Ruud Welten

Life Turned Against Itself: Is There a Theory of the Passions in Michel Henry? PDF
Jean-Sébastien Hardy

L’intériorité pathique des mots: langage, littérature et auto-affection chez Michel Henry PDF
Cesare Del Mastro

Phenomenological Models of Inter-Subjectivity: The Position of Michel Henry PDF
Stefano Bancalari

Phenomenality or Revelation: Michel Henry’s Approach to Christianity PDF
Karl Hefty

The Ethics of Affectivity and the Problem of Personhood: An Overview PDF
Frédéric Seyler

Beneath Time and Reflection: The Shadow of Husserl in Michel Henry’s Non-Intentional Phenomenology PDF
Claudia Serban

Phenomenality and Finitude: Michel Henry’s Theory of Immanence PDF
Roberto Formisano

The Significance of Self-Affection: Michel Henry’s Critique of Kant PDF
Garth W. Green

“Spiritual Acoustics”: On Being In Common (Kierkegaard, Husserl, Henry) PDF
Kevin Hart

Fichte, Henry, and the Problem of Manifestation PDF
Gaetano Rametta

Reviews and Notices

Review of S.J. McGrath and Joseph Carew (eds.), Rethinking German Idealism (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). PDF
James Scott Johnston

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